Eden One

Eden One

House of Tiles shared its expertise in hand-selected tiling solutions in a recent collaboration with prestigious Dublin health spa, Eden One. The project combined form and function to create a luxurious ambiance for spa-goers, while also making sure the space was safe and durable for its intended use.

The journey began with a first meeting between House of Tiles’ specialists and the client, where aspirations and expectations were meticulously outlined. Collaborating closely with design architects, House of Tiles embarked on sourcing exquisite samples that harmonised with the spa’s opulent aesthetic. Our in-house specialists made sure to determine the design sensibilities of each space, while also ensuring the practical requirements were at the forefront of their minds.

Presenting a carefully curated selection, House of Tiles ensured each product not only met the client’s vision but also aligned with the project’s budget. With unwavering commitment to excellence, House of Tiles diligently managed the supply chain, guaranteeing the timely delivery of premium-quality materials.

Throughout the project, House of Tiles demonstrated exceptional project management skills, seamlessly coordinating with the client’s onsite team to ensure flawless installation. Their dedication to precision and quality culminated in a breath-taking transformation, elevating the spa and gym into a sanctuary of unparalleled luxury.

For discerning project managers and architects seeking expertise, craftsmanship and reliability, House of Tiles remains the quintessential partner in materialising visionary designs.

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