Annabasky, Enniskerry

Annabasky, Enniskerry

House of Tiles, in collaboration with the esteemed Cosgrave Developments, embarked on a journey to elevate the luxury living experience at Annabasky Glen, Enniskerry. With a keen focus on meeting the discerning tastes of their clientele, House of Tiles used their taste and expertise to add a luxurious look and feel into this prestigious development.

House of Tiles diligently worked alongside design architects to create the design vision for Annabasky Glen. Leveraging their extensive network and knowledge of international tile producers, House of Tiles sourced premium samples and products that reflected the essence of luxury synonymous with long-term client, Cosgrave Developments.

The presentation to the client was marked by House of Tiles’ renowned attention to detail, ensuring that every element showcased sophistication and refinement while meeting the project’s price point. House of Tiles’ commitment to excellence extended to timely delivery, ensuring that the materials arrived punctually so the project could progress as planned.

Project management was executed with precision as House of Tiles coordinated the supply and fitting of tiles with the client’s onsite team. Their dedication to quality craftsmanship ensured that every aspect of the tiling process was executed flawlessly, contributing to the creation of homes that exude opulence and style.

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